Lindsay is a brilliant translator of inchoate spiritual longings into actual upholstery-and-enamel rooms. So if you tell her, I need a room where my family can relax in one half, then do homework over at the table and if it can all feel like a happy, comfortable and chic slice of Slim Keith’s penthouse, she is going to surprise you with how expertly she satisfies all these desires. She’s great at maximizing a budget and has a skilled team of artisans that quickly and expertly build, upholster and craft whatever can’t be sourced from her industry-wide vendor connections. Best of all, she treads the line between current interior styles and classic good taste to create spaces that we’ll be happy to see in family photos for years to come. P.S. If you get a chance to shop with her, go . . . you’ll never look at an antiques or vintage shop the same way again.
— Dana
Lindsay swooped into my life like an angel. A friend (and fellow client) of Lindsay’s convinced me I needed some professional counsel to help make some last-minute renovation choices that would make my vision a dream come true. And boy did she deliver. She quickly dug in to get to know aesthetic preferences for me and my husband, as well as how we needed the space to work for our life. At every turn, she told me the truth – sometimes hard to hear but necessary – telling me where to spend money, and where I could get away with something for less. How refreshing is that from a design professional? She also encouraged us to take some risks on things that she knew we would end up enjoying, even if a bit reluctant initially. And now with a renovated New York brownstone that is the home we always wanted, I lay in bed thinking, ‘What would have we done without Lindsay?’ An angel, indeed.
— J.P.
For over a year I struggled with redesigning my living room & dining room! I consistently purchased furniture and quickly returned it; and even had 2 dining room tables at one point. I was literally stuck! The interior design fairy intervened and I met Lindsay Pennington! I have come across a lot of interior designers as a Realtor and she is by far the BEST! She has a great sense of style, is extremely professional, hilarious and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’m so thankful and could not be happier with the end result! Thank you Lindsay. On to the next room!
— Erica
Lindsay is a true visionary. Throughout our project, she had the amazing ability to understand what I was looking for and elevate it into something I never could have thought of on my own, but managed to be exactly what I wanted. Her spaces have personality, depth, and an element of unpredictability that reflect her talent as an artist, not just a designer. Her use of both old and new objects creates layered, textured spaces that feel like the rooms I wish I had been living and working in for years—and now I do! She is easy and fun to work with, responsive, creative, and adaptable. I can’t imagine trying to upgrade an interior space without her expert guidance! Thank you, Lindsay!
— Lauren
The best thing about working with Lindsay is that she loves what she does so much that she makes everything seem easy. Because of her talented eye, her experience, and her sense of humor, I was able to make (with confidence!) the zillion decisions necessary for our kitchen remodel. Stress-free. No kidding. Shopping with Lindsay is a gas. She found exactly the big ol’ sink I’ve been dreaming of, and together we discovered lighting and plumbing fixtures to perfectly compliment the rest of our space. In the end, our new kitchen is just what we’ve always wanted: a great cook’s space opening into a fun, friendly sitting room so our guests can relax on the couch and visit with us while we make dinner. Everyone digs that! We love Lindsay. Period.
— Anne
Lindsay helped decorate our home after a September move-in and left us with a jaw-dropping, unique look in more than enough time to host Thanksgiving dinner. There is no chance we could have gotten here without her, let alone as elegantly and beautifully. We’d recommend Lindsay to anyone.
— Alex